Little Boxes

By | April 24, 2019

Have you ever visited Britain? If you did you probably took a look at Buckingham Palace, but it will not have taken you long to realize that there’s only one person who lives like that – well her and her hangers-on, sorry family. The rest of them all live in houses which look strikingly similar to the one next door.

Here in America it is a little different, there’s a bit more scope for individuality – there’s more space, for one thing, a lot more space and there’s a bit more spirit for individuality that isn’t limited to the super-rich.

It is no surprise it is America who has produced so many fantastic architects who have been involved in designing homes, because as architectural design overland park ks will tell you, Americans love their differentiators.

Americans have always had a certain – and there’s only one way to put it – a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to being themselves. Europeans all live so close to each other they tend to replicate. But Americans in the north are different from those in the south and it shows in their home design.

You don’t have to employ a Frank Lloyd Wright there are plenty of competent creative architects who can add a little panache to your home. Perhaps all you need is an extension rather than designing something from nothing at all, but even then, working with an architect will help you get something no one else has, and it will be up to code.

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If you’re expanding or remodeling and you have the chance to choose something that is especially for you – it is really worth it. You will have someone take away all the headaches, and the finished product will be something you love forever.